Sunday, October 30, 2016

A chip off the ol' book challenge block

One sad, lonely book is all I mustered out of August. I must have been partying too hard with my six-, four- and one-year-old as summertime approached its end.


Category: A classic romance
The Grand Sophy, Georgette Heyer
Goodreads review: 3 stars

First of all, do you know how many classic romances I'd read already by this point in the challenge...that don't really seem like romances? Emma, Sense and Sensibility—each of those feature a romance, but it doesn't really seem like that's the main point of the book. Wuthering Heights—I can't even believe that's considered a romance. Seems more fitting for the "domestic abuse" category. So I went with a Georgette Heyer. I'd heard lots of good things about Heyer books, but I'd never read one before. And I DO love a little regency romance book that's fun and clean. I kinda figured it'd be like reading Edenbrooke, or Blackmoore, both by Julianne Donaldson and SO great. Anyway, I went in with high expectations, and it didn't deliver for me. I enjoyed this book for the most part, because it's fun and silly. But intertwined with all of that is the overabundance of propriety—you know, like how a woman can't show off her elbows to a male unless he's her affianced. That type of stuff. Well, I made up the elbow part, but honestly I wouldn't be surprised if that was a rule back then. Heyer is acclaimed for really knowing her facts about the regency period, but for me, her tedious attention to all those obnoxious propriety rules bogged down the story. That being said—now that I'm familiar with her particular style, I'd definitely be willing to give it another go with her books. Parts of this book were downright silly. I particularly enjoyed the part with the ducklings near the ending. So random!

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